summer camp

Where can you possibly spend the best summer holidays?
Our Slogan:
We have fun 24/7!

What you can expect from us:
A Village with 17 Houses, a common room, a big campfire ground, beachvolleyball area, basketnall hoops, tabletennis, a  disco, a huge play room and a big sheltered terrace, as well as a big indoorhall with tabletennis, pool billard, tablehockey, darts and lots of other indoor games.

We have loads of different animals, starting from guinea pigs, rabbits, horses, donkeys, goats, sheep, cows, Vietnamnese Pigs, cheetahs, wallabies, deer, wild pigs, meercats, sika-deer, emus and even brown bears.All of them like to get fed by you, of course under professional surveilllance and guidance. You can get very very close to them during our guided tours. You can also try your horse riding skills, if you wish. The animal lovers amongst you are welcome to groom and pet the donkeys and take them for a walk.

For everyone who´s interested in climbing and zip-lining we have our Hochseilgarten and Kinderkletterwald. There you can test your balancing skills and braveness on 3 different levels (3, 6 und 9 meters height). Some of you may conquer all of the provided obstacles. As a fun finish you can once again test your braveness on our " Big Swing" and get a feeling of flying!

As a bonus we have Germans biggest Jumping Cushion. Yu can use 300 squaremeters to jump, flip and rave until your out of breaht! As a highlight we´re gonna have an evening disco outdoors on the jumping cushion with floodlight and music.

Every day we present you different programmes.You decide where you wanna join in. We offer a variety of outdoor and boyscout games, talentshows, group activities, building huts in the forest, creative crafting all the way to forging, big lawn games, disco, playing bingo, and having campfires with roasting bread. On top of that you get the opportunity to sleep in your selfbuilded huts or in the stables surrounded by lovely smelling hay.

Who still doesn´t have enough- there´s more:
Depending on the weather we either take you to the cinema or to the next village to visit a monkey forest Affenwald You´ll find different species of monkeys there.After a special guided tour you´ll proceed to the summersleds next door.

General Information


You´ll be sleeping in our Bungalows (for 6 to 12 Persons) with showers and toilet facilities.


Our chefs will be preparing every meal daily and fresh. Since we´re preparing everything ourselves, there´s no problem in providing for special allergies, vegetarians or vegans. Inbetween meals we´ll always have fruit, cookies and drinks in the common room.


For every group of 10 children we provide 1 trained guardian. On top of that we have the animators for the programmes. At least one member of the owners family is gonna be there 24/7! Usually it´s gonna be all of them, since they are all living on site. All of the other staff members are gonna be there to help and assist your child as well. There easily recognized by there working-suits. We have 14 years of expertise in summer camp.


Since we mostly depend on the current weather situation, we kindly ask you not to expect a minute by minute description of our programme. Naturally there´s gonna be a lot of improvising and switching around. Fortunately we have numerous possibilities and big common rooms to entertain your children whilst bad weather conditions.


We aim to give you unforgettable holidays. For our smalll guests up to 9 years old, we guarantee a money back home sickness policy. To give you the chance of trying out a summercamp for the first time. If your little ones can´t make it to the end, you´ll be getting your money back for the remaining days.


The listed prices include the housing, all meals and accompanying drinks, 24/7 supervision and the programmes with entrance fees and every one of our own attractions, like the rope course.
Not included are the costs of the journey, as well as the bedlinens. You can either bring your own or rent them from us for a fee.

Dates and Prices

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